Consulting Services

Along with development and support, our company offers many consulting services to ensure that your Drupal site is the best it can be. Whether you're company is new to Drupal or have been utilizing it for years, we can assist to ensure you are using best practices and therefore getting the most use of the platform to grow your brand.

We offer varied levels of training based on your teams needs. We can do training remotely via webcasts, videos, Q&A sessions etc. We also offer onsite training for a more personal approach. This allows us to customize the material based on the knowledge level and needs of the individuals or groups. With this option, we will teach the theory along with a demonstration and then let the team try it on their own.
As a business owner, you want to ensure that your website is delivering your message for you, that people are using it correctly, or that consumers are responding to calls to action. Our IA experts can review your site with you and help to identify areas that can be perfected to help accomplish these goals. We also are happy to assist fellow developers in making sure that their projects are utilizing Drupal best practices and that they are a success.
Hosting Recommendations
Not all hosting companies are created equal. Depending on your project goals, there may be one host that suits you better than others. We have worked with many companies over the years and can provide insight into their strengths, weaknesses, cost projection, and overall capabilities.
SEO Services
There's no point in having a shiny new website if no one ever sees it! We will evaluate your current SEO strategy and analytics to build an improved plan for promoting your site to the public.
Quality Assurance Testing
Testing is a key element to ensuring a success. Hiring a third party to assist with quality assurance ensures that they are going at the product with fresh eyes and can deliver back an unbiased assessment. Our team reviews your site from header to footer and ensures content is displaying correctly, things are working as they should and that overall usability is ideal.