Drupal Support

New Valley Media offers a world-class support system to ensure the stress free working of a website after it’s launch. Our support program includes robust support through our online project management system to ensure you get the help you need, when you need it. We've built a team of Drupal experts to provide assistance and to extend your in-house expertise, helping you deploy and utilize Drupal with confidence.

The support program begins with a block of hours that the client uses towards a specific project or over many tasks. Each request is estimated so that the client is aware of the amount of time they can expect to be using overall. Client can create more tickets anytime via our online ticketing system.

Our Support Program Covers:

Theming & Design Changes
Not liking your current look or just want to move some things around? We can help give your site a new facelift or make small adjustments based on your needs.
Module Development
Already have a site but have a need for a new module to increase your site’s functionality ? We can add this for you or create a custom module to suit your needs. Also, if you’d like to contribute these back to the Drupal community, we can do so in your name or you can keep all to yourself.
Module & Security Updates
As developers of the modules used in Drupal make enhancements, updates are released and recommended on your site. In addition to these Module updates, there are also security updates. These are especially important if you are running e-commerce on your Drupal website to ensure your site stays safe from hackers. If not kept up to date, your site become more and more vulnerable and susceptible to intrusion.
If your site currently has commerce integration, we can assist in adding additional functionality or fixing any issues that may occur. Or if you are contemplating adding a store to your site, we can assist in helping to not only get it set up but also in making sure you are using the best solutions for your individual needs.
Bug Fixes
Our Support team is composed of the best in the business with experience to quickly troubleshoot issues and provide quick solutions. Through years of experience they have countered many issues and overcome many ways of solving problems in the Drupal platform.
Site Performance
Is your site experiencing slow downs? We can perform an audit on your site to determine factors that contribute to the poor response time of the site. We then will offer recommendations to speed up the response time of initial and subsequent page loads.
Server Upgrades/Setup
Need to get your Drupal site set up with a hosting company? Or perhaps you aren’t sure if your current hosting provider is the best option for you. Speak with one of our experienced server professionals and learn about other options that may be more suited for your needs. This can help increase your performance, retention, security, and save your business money.